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Crownover Green Lawn Treatment Solution
The Crownover Green Lawn Treatment Solution blends cutting edge advancements in reduced-risk lawn care with age-old soil science to give you a beautiful lawn that is safer for your family and better for our ecosystems. Utilizing responsible lawn treatment practices our solution will utterly transform your lawn to one that is sustained by healthy soil rather than one that is increasingly dependent upon heavy dousing with high-nutrient synthetic fertilizers. It includes at least six treatments during the growing season from late winter through fall.

We specialize exclusively in the lawn treatment services described below.
We do not mow grass or do other landscaping tasks.
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Family-friendly, eco-wise grass by Crownover Green in Wake Forest.

Crownover Green Lawn Treatment Solution

Organic matter nourishes the life of soil, and holds water and nutrients for plants to utilize over time. Soils that are low in organic matter do not effectively hold nutrients, which may either seep through the soil into our ground water or run off into our waterways. The soil under your lawn should contain at least 2%, and ideally 5%, soil organic matter. However, the soil that is common in our area typically has less than 1% organic matter. We will build organic matter in your soil with natural fertilizers that have a healthy balance of nutrients.
Biological Soil Stimulant
Soil microorganisms are the most basic form of life that your soil needs to sustain a healthy lawn. They improve the ability of your grass to utilize nutrients, decompose thatch, and contribute to increased soil aeration. Soils that are either very low in organic matter or have routinely been treated with certain chemicals may be significantly less vibrant. We will apply a biological stimulant that will invigorate and expand the life in your soil. The use of bio-stimulants eliminates the need for overdosing with fertilizers which ultimately end up in our waterways causing problems in eco-systems downstream.
Weed Management
Prevention - The best prevention for weeds is thick, well-rooted turf, and our lawn treatment solution is designed with this in mind. Properly timed pre-emergent reduces certain weeds, and your role in mowing and irrigating as we advise is important.

Pulling - We pull weeds, which will instantaneously improve the appearance of your lawn and minimize the use of sprays.

Spraying - The spray solutions we use routinely are the safest available, having low impact on human health, low potential for groundwater contamination, and low toxicity to birds and fish.
Soil pH Management
Soil pH (the balance of acidity or alkalinity of soil) is a key factor in the health of your lawn primarily because it influences the availability of nutrients to the turf. If the pH of your soil is not aligned with the needs of your grass, then the grass will be less able to take up the nutrients that are in the soil. We will use natural materials to align the pH of your soil with the needs of your lawn.
Fungal Disease Management
A fungal disease can damage your lawn very quickly. Sometimes weather conditions are so optimal for pathogenic fungi that it is difficult to avoid a fungal disease. Watering too frequently, cutting off too much of the blade at once, or using dull mower blades contribute to the problem. Our lawn treatment solution will ward off diseases, and if one crops up we can manage it naturally.
Turf Pest Management
Our lawn treatment solution is designed to optimize the health of your soil, thereby reducing the need for pesticides. If a problem with turf-damaging bugs is identified we will apply a natural solution that is safer for your loved ones than synthetic pesticides. We do not treat pests, such as mosquitoes or ticks, that may be a problem for people but are not a problem for turfgrass.
Core Aeration 
The ordinary use of your lawn causes the soil to compact, which progressively stifles the healthy development of your turf. With our state-of-the-art core aerators, we will pull small plugs of thatch and soil from your turf to enable air, water, and nutrients to penetrate deeper into your soil. Well-aerated soil promotes heartier root growth, which enables your lawn to better resist drought and heat stress, fungal diseases, and pest pressure. Core aeration is the primary means of harrowing soil in the fall for Tall Fescue seeding and is included in our solution for Tall Fescue lawns. It is an optional service in our solution for warm-season turfgrasses, such as Bermudagrass and Zoysiagrass, which are not overseeded.
Tall Fescue Seeding
Overseeding a Tall Fescue lawn in the fall using premium seed will give it the best chance to withstand the stressors (e.g., disease, heat, pests, improper mowing or irrigation) that can damage it during the summer months. We invest exclusively in a custom blend of high-performing Tall Fescue seed. We core aerate when seeding to harrow the soil which improves seed-to-soil contact. We hand rake seeds along edges of hardscapes or in corners where our machines cannot reach.
Warm-season grasses, such as Bermudagrass and Zoysiagrass, are not overseeded because they spread aggressively during the summer when properly fertilized, irrigated, and mowed.


The cost of our lawn treatment solution is based on the type of grass you have (warm-season vs. cool-season) and the square footage of your lawn area, which we will measure when you request a quote.

No Contracts

We do not work with contracts. We hope you will continue with us because you will recognize the value of your investment every time you see your family, friends, and neighbors step foot on your lawn. You can cancel service at any time. If you paid in full, then we will refund a prorated amount. If you are utilizing the finance plan, then we will cancel payments.

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You may either set up an auto-pay finance plan, which is equal monthly installments through Oct 1, or pay in full with your debit or credit card. We accept checks if you pay in full.