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This is the first blog post by Crownover Green, and while we plan for most of our posts to provide tips and information on organic lawn care, this first post is a somewhat philosophical explanation about our approach to lawn care.

Any deliberation about how one chooses to spend his or her time or resources should start by deciding why it is worth doing at all. At Crownover Green, we believe that a decision about the way one might choose to maintain his or her lawn should start with an answer to this simple question: “Why do I have a lawn in the first place?”

Lawns do not occur naturally. In our area of North Carolina, a natural plot of land, untouched by humans, would have many varieties of plants on it, including trees, shrubs, and ground covers. The terrain would possibly be uneven, and there would likely be various species of wildlife inhabiting it. Think, forest. Wake Forest, circa the 1800’s.

Woodlands are wonderful places where we may like to spend time, but only a few among us in the Triangle area choose to make our permanent home in the middle of the woods. The rest of us live in neighborhoods that have been thoughtfully planned on plots of land that have been pragmatically and pleasingly landscaped. We don’t want to rip through briers and thorns, climb over fallen trees, or stumble over rocks as we walk out of our houses every morning. We like feeling relatively secure that our pets will be ok when we let them out the backdoor to do their business. And we like having a nice cushion of turf that is free of poisonous or injurious plants for our kids to play ball on, roll around on, or just relax on.

We cultivate our little pieces of the planet to fit our lifestyles and our sense of beauty. We like nice trees, shrubs, and flowers. And we like lawns. Thick, green lawns. We like them because they look good. But more importantly, we like them because they provide a comfortable and safe place for us to be with our loved ones.

Rodney, the founder of Crownover Green, began studying and experimenting with family-friendly and environmentally responsible lawn care methods when he realized that the big chemical companies that promise beautiful weed-free lawns, are selling chemicals that are linked to reproductive problems, birth defects, and all sorts of chronic illnesses. After initially pondering, ‘Why do I have a lawn in the first place?’ he questioned, ‘If my reason for having a lawn is for my family to have a comfortable and safe place to be, then why would I broadcast a bunch of chemicals on it that I believe could harm us?’

So there you have it–the basis for our company–our mission. We believe that lawns should be beautiful and that they should fulfill their purpose for our loved ones.

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