We. Pull. Weeds.

Yes, we do pull weeds. From the lawn. With our hands. All sorts of weeds: bittercrest, chickweed, dandelion, crabgrass . . .

Weeds pulled in Wake Forest.
Pulling weeds seems to be an unfamiliar practice these days, and especially for a lawn treatment company. The gold standard in professional lawn treatment is to identify the most effective mixture of chemicals to quickly kill everything in the lawn except the grass. We reject this standard because repeatedly spraying a cocktail of chemicals is, well, unwise.

So, Crownover Green is revolutionizing professional lawn care by actually pulling some weeds by hand. We do it because it is not only the safest way but the best way to eliminate weeds from a lawn. There is no chemical that will make a weed disappear quicker than by a pluck with a thumb and forefinger.

There are some herbicides that are much safer than the typical chemical cocktails and we use them, but judiciously, and with the ultimate goal of developing a thick carpet of grass with so few weeds that they can be managed with hand pulling and minimal spraying.

Pulling weeds . . .
. . . is safe. No harmful chemicals are involved.
. . . is free.
. . . is gratifying. The results are instantaneous.
. . . is really not that hard. Squat, grab, and pull.

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