PLEASE NOTE: We specialize exclusively in turf treatment services. We do not mow grass or do other landscaping tasks.

 The Crownover Green Lawn Care Solution


"I just wanted to take a second and thank you for your hard work. The yard has been a focal point with anyone and everyone who visits or walks by, and this is what
we wanted."
                                - Danny Marino, 
Wake Forest, NC

The Crownover Green Lawn Care Solution is a complete turf treatment program that blends cutting edge advancements in organic lawn care with age-old soil science to give you a beautiful lawn that is safer for people, pets, and our environment
. Utilizing premium materials and intelligent lawn management practices, the Solution will utterly transform your lawn. It includes at least six treatments between March and October.

Weed Control We utilize the following three-pronged approach to managing weeds:Girls playing in lawn, Crownover Green, lawn care service, Wake Forest, NC

Prevention - The absolute best prevention for weeds is thick, well-rooted turf, and the Solution is thoughtfully designed with this in mind. Additionally, proper irrigation, mowing, and fertilization are required for sustaining thick turf that prevents weeds. Applying our pre-emergent herbicide helps prevent certain weeds from growing.

Pulling - We regularly pull weeds during our visits, which will instantaneously improve the appearance of your lawn and minimize the use of herbicides. When we arrive at your property we remove some of the most unsightly weeds in the highest profile areas of your property.

Spraying - The spray solutions that we use routinely are the safest available, including one that is certified organic, one that is mineral-based (non-synthetic), and two synthetics that have low impact on human health, low potential for groundwater contamination, and low toxicity to birds and fish. Generally, the need for spraying is substantially reduced after the first year of implementing the Solution, because we will have managed a complete annual cycle of the weeds that have been a problem in your lawn and because your turf will be thicker and less hospitable to weeds.
Organic Fertilizer - Soil organic matter nourishes the life of the soil. To effectively sustain a healthy organic lawn, the soil under your lawn should contain at least 2%, and ideally 5%, soil organic matter. However, due to both the type of soil that is common in our area and the way the top few inches of potentially fertile soil are often displaced to clear a plot of land to build subdivisions, the soil in a typical modern neighborhood in the Wake Forest, NC area may have less than 1% organic matter. Crownover Green will introduce organic matter to your soil with natural fertilizers that are high in organic matter and have a healthy balance of essential nutrients.
Biological Soil Stimulant - Microfloras and microfaunas (microscopic plants and animals) are the most basic forms of life that your soil needs to sustain a healthy lawn. Soils that are either very low in organic matter or have routinely been treated with certain chemicals may be significantly less vibrant. Crownover Green will apply a premium biological stimulant that will supplement and invigorate the life in your soil. It will improve the ability of your grass to utilize nutrients, decompose thatch, and contribute to increased soil aeration.
Organic Turf Pest Control - Our approach of using organic materials and practices to Children playing in sprinkler, Crownover Green, lawn care service, Wake Forest, NC
optimize the health of your soil, thereby reducing the need for pesticides, is consistent with an 
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy. When a problem with pests such as white grubs, armyworms, and mole crickets
 is identified we will apply a solution comprised of botanical extracts and essential oils that are safer for you and your loved ones than synthetic pesticides.
Organic pH Control - Soil pH (the level of acidity or alkalinity of soil) is a key factor in the health of your lawn primarily because it influences the availability of nutrients to the turf. If the pH of your soil is not aligned with the needs of the grass that is planted in the soil, then the grass will be less able to take up the nutrients that are in the soil. Crownover Green will use natural organic materials to align the pH of your soil with the needs of your lawn.
Organic Fungal Disease Control - A fungal disease in your lawn can cause a lot of damage very quickly. Sometimes improper mowing, irrigating, or fertilizing may contribute to the development of pathogenic fungi. Other times, environmental conditions may be so prime for fungi that it is difficult to avoid a fungal disease. I
f a fungal disease crops up we will apply a curative treatment of an organic fungicide to stop it.
Core Aeration - Core aeration is essential for maintaining a beautiful organic lawn in the Wake Forest, NC area, which is why we include it in our solution rather than offering it as an add-on like most other lawn care services. The ordinary use of your lawn causes the clay soil that is common in our area to compact, which stifles the healthy development of your turf. With our core aerator, Crownover Green will pull small plugs of thatch and soil from your turf to enable air, water, and nutrients to penetrate deeper into your soil. Well-aerated soil promotes heartier root growth, which enables your lawn to better resist summer drought and heat stress, fungal diseases, and pest pressure.
Seeding - Establishing a lawn using premium seed will give it the best chance to withstand the heat and drought conditions that can kill turf in our area during the summer months. At Crownover Green, we invest exclusively in high-performing Tall Fescue seed. On bare or damaged areas we hand rake seeds into the soil or use a slit-seeding machine that simultaneously drops seed and cuts slits into your turf at the proper depth to ensure maximum seed germination. Our method creates a thicker, greener carpet of grass in less time (given proper watering).
Bare toddler feet in a Crownover Green organic lawn, lawn care service, Wake Forest, NC

- The cost of the
Crownover Green Lawn Care Solution is based on the specific square footage of your lawn, which we will determine when you request a free quote.

Payment Options - We accept personal checks, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. You may pay in full with a credit/debit card or by check, or set up automatic charges to your credit/debit card.

No Contracts - We do not work with contracts. We hope that you will continue with the Crownover Green Lawn Care Solution indefinitely because you will recognize the value of your investment every time you see your family, friends, and neighbors step foot on your lawn.