PLEASE NOTE: We specialize exclusively in turf treatment services. We do not mow grass or do other landscaping tasks.

 About Crownover Green

Our History

Crownover Green, LLC was founded by Rodney Crownover of Wake Forest, NC. Rodney Crownover of Crownover Green, LLC, lawn care service, Wake Forest, NCRodney has a graduate-level degree and a long professional career working in public health promotion with and on behalf of children and teens. Several years prior to launching Crownover Green, he began researching and experimenting with organic lawn care methods on his home lawn and garden out of concern regarding the health effects of conventional lawn chemicals, which are cleverly promoted by chemical companies and readily available on retail shelves. After the birth of his first son in 2010, Rodney's research intensified in search of a solution that would not only sustain a beautiful lawn, but more importantly, protect the health and safety of his children. He succeeded in developing a solution that produces outstanding results, and the Crownover Green Lawn Care Solution was born.

The Solution has evolved every year as Rodney continues to study and experiment with organic lawn care products and methods on his own lawn.

Our Mission 
To develop thick, green lawns that are safer for people, pets, and our environment

An organic lawn by Crownover Green, LLC, lawn care service, Wake Forest, NC

Our Values
  • A thick, green lawn is attractive and desirable
  • The health and safety of our loved ones are of greatest concern
  • A lawn care service should be available that simultaneously produces a beautiful lawn and helps clients protect the well-being of their loved ones

Our Service Principles
  • We are responsive, prompt and reliable. If you contact us, we will reply as quickly as possible and always within one day. We will not ignore your call. If we have scheduled an appointment with you, then you can expect to see us on time.
  • We are courteous. We will contact you prior to a visit to let you know which day and during what time frame we will be there.
  • We are friendly. We appreciate your business and enjoy caring for your lawn. We will show it with a smile and friendly greeting when we see you.
  • We share our knowledge. We are trained, licensed, and knowledgeable lawn care technicians and we like to share our knowledge. We are eager for you to ask us questions, and if we cannot answer a question to either your or our own satisfaction, then we will enthusiastically do our research and get back to you.
  • We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. We understand that you expect the highest quality service and outcomes for the investment you are making in your lawn. Anything less than our best effort is unacceptable.

Our Social Responsibility 

Crownover Green considers it a solemn obligation to make a positive impact on our society. We not only operate in a socially conscious way, but we contribute to charities that aim to make our society a healthier and safer place today and for future generations.
Happy, healthy kids - Crownover Green, LLC, lawn care service, Wake Forest, NC

A tree in your honor.
 Every year, we make a donation to the Arbor Day Foundation to plant a tree to represent each client who invested in our lawn care services that year. Planting trees also helps us offset the natural resources that we consume to run our business.

Helping kids. We donate annually to charities that aim to improve the well-being of young people in North Carolina by advancing adoption, health and nutrition, child abuse prevention, dating and sexual violence prevention, and pregnancy prevention.

Our Service Area  

Crownover Green serves Wake Forest/Rolesville 
and other nearby communities.

We are currently accepting clients for the 2018 growing season in the following zip codes:                                                                      27545, 27571, 27587, 27596, 27614, 27615, 27616