PLEASE NOTE: We specialize exclusively in turf treatment services. We do not mow grass or do other landscaping tasks.

 Crownover Green develops thick, green lawns for clients in the Wake Forest, NC area who are seeking a safer and superior alternative to conventional lawn care services.

The Crownover Green Lawn Care Solution is a complete turf
treatment program that utilizes premium organic materials and
intelligent turf management practices to 
give you a beautiful lawn
that is safer for people, pets, and our environment.


"We just wanted to say thank you for
taking such great care of our yard.
You have really gone above and beyond
for us and we are happy to be your
customer. It is so nice to be able
to work with a company that follows up
with you, is responsive, and truly cares. Thank you again!"

               - Sara Boyd, 
Wake Forest, NC


Why invest in lawn care service by Crownover Green?

A lawn that has been meticulously transformed by the Crownover Green Lawn Care Solution . . .
  • resists heat and drought stress with deep roots, keeping your lawn greener throughout the summer
  • retains moisture longer, requiring less irrigation and saving you money
  • crowds out weeds with thick turf, reducing the need for harmful pesticides
  • naturally resists lawn pests and diseases, further reducing the need for pesticides
  • is safer, giving you peace of mind every time your family, friends, and neighbors step foot on your lawn